Cypriot Archives

Perhaps it would be useful to have a conversation about the difficulties faced by Archives today in Cyprus. It would be especially valuable for us at the Visual Sociology and Museum Studies Lab to share a few thoughts around how photographic digitisation initiatives can work, the necessary protocols, the hurdles (questions around open access and copyright issues to say the least) and the available resources, as well as ways to pool them.

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About VSMSLab

The Visual Sociology and Museum Studies Lab is located at the premises of the Department of Multimedia and Graphic Design of the Cyprus University of Technology in Limassol. It is equipped with photographic and filming equipment as well as computers for data processing, film editing and image digitization. It's aim is to produce cutting edge research in the fields of visual sociology and museum studies. Studies in visual sociology involve the critical examination of photographic images (artistic as a well as vernacular), their distribution and consumption. Emphasis is placed on the study of online user-generated image database and tourist practices. Studies in museology focus on the history of museums, their impact and agency, museum education and audience studies. Our aim is to work closely with cultural organizations in order to bridge issues of theory and practice and ultimately make museums more relevant and inclusive. In addition, the lab collaborates with a number of museum professionals in Cyprus and abroad who can offer consulting services to museums.