museum literacy-multiliteracies

Dear all,

I am interested in your ideas or experience of multimodal* practice and/or engagement during museum visits with special emphasis on school visits.
If you have any papers, projects or links related to suggest I would be grateful.

*in which written-linguistic modes of meaning interface with oral, visual, audio, gestural, tactile and spatial patterns of meaning

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About st3phania

I gained a degree in Primary Education in 2008 and one year later finished an MA in Art, Craft and Design Education. Coming back to Cyprus I worked as a Greek teacher for adults whose native language is not Greek. At the same time I have been working as a substitute teacher in primary schools in Cyprus as well as an art teacher in a club in Limassol. My great desire was to start a PhD which happened afterall last October. My research revolved around museum education and emphasis is given in multiliteracies and learning, whilst I try to incorporate this into a quest for how to promote intercultural dialogue in the museums, a key theme for me as a researcher both in my MA thesis and now in the PhD. In the process of exploring multiliteracies, emerging technologies in the museum field and elsewhere have a major role to play. It is my belief that technology can assist in a better and more fulfilling museum experience for the visitor. Nevertheless, it cannot be questioned that technology and the Internet have their downfalls; this is scientifically proven . Personally speaking, I presume that the "how" and "when" determines the extent to which you let something become an aid, a good thing, a way to improve. This does not happen in random; a person should be equipped to use the Internet for example in a safe manner, to master the urge to talk with his/her peers through the comfort of their home rather than going out etc. It is a major issue that no simple analysis applies anyhow.In my everyday life, I enjoy reading literature, travelling, learning foreign languages, photography and above all painting and writing. That's pretty much a quick summarise I guess of who I am.