Registration on-line

Registration is back on-line! (Thanks @amandafrench)

And one more thing: We’re minimising THATCamp Cyprus into a one day event during the weekend of 3-4 September, and revisiting the possibility of holding a BootCamp on the extra day. Any ideas for workshops are welcome!

We’ll be holding THATCamp Cyprus at the Cyprus University of Technology, Department of Multimedia and Graphic Arts (the premises are perfect!).

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Registration issues?

There seem to be some issues with the registration process.

Working on it!
Watch this space..

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THATCamp Cyprus will be taking place on Saturday and Sunday, September 3-4, 2011.
Registration for THATCamp Cyprus is now open!

Registration is free, and all you need to do to register for THATCamp Cyprus is to register for an account on this site. If you have already been to a THATCamp, you might have login information already: go to the login page and click “Lost your password?” to see if you already have an account on If so, then just write to and we will add you to THATCamp Cyprus.

As soon as you activate your account, you can propose a THATCamp session by logging in to the site and posting a description of what you’d like to talk about or work on to the blog (go to Posts –> Add New to add a blog post; posts will be published on the front page of this site). These sessions will be fluid, and none of them will involve presentations: instead, everyone in the session will discuss or work on issues, problems, joys, and/or opportunities related to technology, new media, museums and other things. Read more about our unconference model and about proposing an unconference session elsewhere on this site.

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Delighted to announce that THATCamp Cyprus has the support of the ARTos Cultural and Research Center, as well as that of the Cyprus University of Technology, Department of Multimedia and Graphic Arts and could take place at either location. We are currently working on fixing the dates.

Watch this space!

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Image of unknown origin (used in Curating the virtual: Cyprus on the net (2008) with credit to Alexoid).

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